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KARANTEEN TRACE                                        STONEBREAM TRACE

          F0306-4                                                F0306-6

          Large shoals of karanteen frequent the Kwazulu Natal   Stone  bream  can  be  caught  along  our  entire  coastline
          coast during the winter months. They feed mainly on sea   through out the year. They feed mainly on seaweed. Stone
          weed. Karanteen shoals can often be seen feeding in    bream have to consume an enormous amount of seaweed
          rocky shelves. They have small sharp teeth that are used   to make up their diet, to do this they have to feed all day
          to remove the sea weed from the rocks and quite often   and as such they can be caught at anytime of the day. They
          bite through the hook leader. The best bait to use when   can be found very close to the rocks and on rocky shelves
          fishing for karanteen is small pieces of sardine filet,   in turbulent water.
          sardine stomach, prawns and red bait.
          Karanteen can be used as live bait when fishing for    Sardine, prawns, shrimps and red-bait can be used as
          Garrick, Kobs and karanteen fillets also make excellent   bait.
                                                                 The minimum size allowed: 200mm
          Minimum size allowed: 150mm
          The catch restriction is: 10 fish per day.             The catch restrictions is: 10 fish per day.

          Although the karanteen is a small fish, it is sought after
          and  edible  making  an  excellent  mean  when  prepared

          BLACKTAIL TRACE                                        BRONZEBREAM TRACE

          F0306-5                                                F0306-7

          Blacktail occur through out the year along our coastline   Bronze bream can be found through out the year along
          but are more abundant from early to late winter. They can   the KZN coast but are more predominant from June to
          be  founded  from  inshore  rocky  areas  to  the  surf  area.   December. They feed mainly on seaweed that grows in the
          They feed mainly in the early morning, late afternoon and   inter-tidal area, small crabs and prawns. This is a fine fish
          at  night.  Their  natural  diet  consists  of  amongst  others,   to catch on light tackle and most fish caught weigh over a
          seaweeds, redbait, sponges and muscles. The blacktail is   kilogram. They feed mainly rocky areas, shelves and
          a strong fish and put up an excellent fight on light tackle.  gullies that have weed growing on the rocks.

          The best bait for blacktail is small sardine fillets, red bait,   The best baits for Bronze Bream is crayfish, prawn tails,
          crayfish, prawns and muscles.                          red bait and mussels.
          Minimum size allowed: 150mm
                                                                 Minimum size allowed: 300mm
          The catch restriction is: 4 fish per day.
                                                                 The catch restriction is: 2 fish per day
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