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                                                                                  BREAKING STRENGTH
                                                                   CODE   LENGTH                         DIAMETER
                                                                                      LB         KG
                                                                  130438    30M      15lb       6.8kg     0.30mm
                                                                  130439    30M      20lb       9.1kg     0.38mm
                                                                  130440    30M      25lb      11.3kg     0.40mm
                                                                  130441    30M      30lb      13.6kg     0.50mm
                                                                  130442    25M      50lb      22.7kg     0.60mm
                                                                  130443    25M      60lb      27.2kg     0.70mm
                                                                  130444    25M      80lb      36.4kg     0.80mm
                                                                  130445    20M      120lb     54.4kg     1.00mm

                                                                 ELBE  Fluoro  Carbon  Leader  line  is  used  for
                                                                 diverse types  of leaders. It is invisible
                                                                 underwater and extremely abrasion resistant,
                                                                 making it the best choice for making leaders for
                                                                 all types of predatory fish. Available in various
                                                                 sizes, up to 1.20 millimetre, ELBE Fluoro Carbon
                                                                 Leader line is suitable for small and big fish, in
                                                                 fresh and saltwater.
                                                                 ELBE Fluoro Carbon Leader line is ideal for
                                                                 hooklines & leaders for spinning and rock & surf

          HANKS 100M

                                                                                  BREAKING STRENGTH
                                                                          CLEAR                          DIAMETER
                                                                                      LB         KG
                                                                          130359     50lb      22.6kg     0.70mm
                                                                          130360     60b       27.2kg     0.80mm
                                                                           130361    80lb      36.2kg     0.90mm
                                                                          130362     100lb     45.3kg     1.00mm
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